Classical Piece of the Week: Fugue from Sonata No.1 in G Minor

Classical Piece of the Week

Bach’s solo violin work is like your favourite book. You just can’t put your mind on how one single object can produce something so powerful.He takes a humble violin, bearer of four simple strings, and allows it to create a sound so rich, so deep that it absolutely exceeds the clearest of reasoning.

Today’s feature piece is Fugue from Sonata No.1 in G Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach. It is a work for, as you can guess, solo violin, lasting around seven and a half minutes long. Is is seven and a half minutes of sheer transcendence.

The violin begins the piece with one note eighth-notes, and quickly-but steadily- builds into two, three, four note chords. With every new note played, this piece marks with more strength its presence. A presence that overcomes all the elements around it, allowing the music to be the showcase. Although this piece exudes incredible power, it never feels overwhelming. Instead, the full, round sound of the music brings you a sensation of wholeness.

And so as the last chord of the piece fades into the inevitable vastness, you come to the realization that you have been taken on a journey. For you were so perpetually immersed in the piece that you didn’t realize the music was telling a story. What kind of story, you might wonder? Well that’s the pure beauty of Bach. He gives you the power to personally interpret his music, and assures that it will always come alive.


3 thoughts on “Classical Piece of the Week: Fugue from Sonata No.1 in G Minor

  1. Your knowledge of classical music is just so astounding and the way you describe pieces is beautiful and full of passion! I have so much fun with these posts of yours, not only because you writing is amazing but because I get to find out about so many great pieces, and this one is no different!

    Oh, and I must ask you about what you think of Lindsay Sterling’s music! I think it is magnificent, and I’d love to know what you think of it :D

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment, Lesley Marie! I’m glad I’ve helped you discover new pieces of music! :) I’ve definitely heard of Lindsey Sterling; she has a great tone and it’s cool how she utilizes the violin in a modern manner!

      Thanks again for the comment,

      -Grace :)

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