Classical Piece of the Week: Élégie in E Flat Minor, Op. 3, No.1

Classical Piece of the Week

Missed the last one? Here’s a link to Fugue from Sonata No.1 in G Minor.


Élégie in E Flat Minor, Op. 3, No. 1 by Sergei Rachmaninoff is the brewing of the storm, the storm itself, and the breath after the storm. It is a piece that controls its tension with masterful precision, and permits every single note to mark its place in the music.

It starts with a steady bass, and soon the right hand begins playing a clean, sorrowful melody. It slowly transforms into something more powerful, more solid. As the music reaches is climax, it carefully returns to its main theme, but still leaves something to be desired. There’s something humming in the air, and sure enough, a final, intense breath is drawn; the clouds have finally reached the end of their journey, leaving behind a resonating intensity.

As long as you’ve got trusty old Rachmaninoff blasting in the background, everything you do just seems incredibly passionate. Really. Try it out, you’ll be buzzing from you own energy afterwards. ;)



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