Written on Monday, December 29th, 2014.
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Temperature: Low of -31oC  (with windchill: -43oC ). High of -21oC  (with windchill: -32oC ). Clear skies.


You bright, insensitive fool,
Guiding your forceful glare straight into my eyes.
I grab my sunglasses but pause,
Because I am too stubborn and too marveled by your incoherent beauty.

You are disheveled, you are the roughest cut of the roughest industrial diamond.
You are old gravel, holes and more holes.
You are the tires that scratch anxiously,
Skittering along the relentless ice.

Your brown grass pokes through pores of white,
Sign of your unsuccessful boasting.
Yet you don’t succumb to the welcomed shortcoming,
Giving us a blink later frozen hair tips and rings of wild smoke.

You are capital of slush, sugar and mud alike,
Seeping through cracked tiles, sticking on pitiful wires.
You are sunny but freezing as hell,
Cloudy and still freezing as hell.

I suppose a vacation would do the trick,
Whisking me far away from your gnarly pine and dunes of wind.
But I am too stubborn and too marveled by your unfiltered beauty,
You are foolish and insensitive, but so, so bright.

So I put my sunglasses away, and marvel at you anew,



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