Coconut Corner, a poem

Coconuts are plentiful at coconut corner,
A sharp knife and a tree-long hook
Brimming coconut water, coconut flesh
Mild, lukewarm, afternoon’s aroma.

Souls are plentiful at coconut corner
Clear eyes and pearl-wide grin
Fingers’ prick on tip and straight slant on flower of age
Vibrant, tangible, afternoon’s aroma.

Humbleness is plentiful at coconut corner
Wooden bench and stump of tree
Shy grass greets pavement sand and worn skin
Simple, unassuming, afternoon’s aroma.


4 thoughts on “Coconut Corner, a poem

  1. Love the vibrant imagery, the repetition of “afternoon’s aroma,” and the inclusion of the word “humbleness.” (: Wish I knew more about poetry so I could offer some substantive feedback – any books you would recommend for those who want to learn about the craft of poetry? What was the process of writing this one, like? Hope you are doing well, Grace.

    1. Thomas, thank you for your wonderful comment! Alas, I wish I knew more about poetry myself… I have yet to read any books dealing with the craft of poetry, I’ve simply been reading more of it and writing more of it! This one I wrote during my time in Cuba (might write a blog post about it, not sure yet!), and there was this quiet spot near the beach where they sold coconuts and palm leaves hats and flowers, and where I met some great people.

      Happy New Year Thomas!
      Grace :)

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