Short Story: Two Minutes

He was seen from halfway across the school gym. Loose pants, dress shirt tugging from his belt, a satchel. He was nothing short of that man in the romance film with the quiet death scene. Not to mention he was real, he was speaking in the microphone, and he was positively, quiet determinedly, perfect.

His stance he carried like his belongings, loosely and with determination. He spoke with awareness and viewed everything with clarity. Yet, yet, he was still a tad mischievous; he kept that weapon in his pocket, but it was never a secret.

“You saw him, this morning?”
“He was inspecting the books on the shelves.”

There was only one somber cloud: he appeared only for two minutes during the day. Because what hasn’t been addressed is that, the other hours, he spends elsewhere; the other minutes, he dreams in another adventure; the other seconds, he walks as himself, and no one else.


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