Apart from Classical Piece of the Week posts, book reviews, and poems, I like to write about my thoughts. And boy do I have a lot of those sometimes. Here they are, classified in categories to keep this page more organized.

*All posts in italic are posted on my old blog*


Stemming from Personal Experiences
Months; Here and There
Two Nights, One Summer
It’s Scary Being a Human 
Is There a Difference? (…No)
Merciless But Beautiful, Our World
On Friends
Video Games, Revisited
The Pride in Wrongdoing
A Human’s Worth
The Rain of Happiness
It’s Day by Day, 
The Best is Yet to Come  
Would you judge a person like you judge a book?
Ordinary Miracles,
Will we ever be Satisfied?                                                      
Reality TV is Brainwashing our Society!
Appreciate that Moment 
Human Laziness (Is this the Faith of Humanity?) 
Our Misunderstandment of Bugs

On Time
The Good Old Times
Rewinding Time…
…Wait, I Have School Tomorrow? 
Time Through an Hourglass 
The Internet: My Best Friend and Worst Enemy 

On Music
Igudesman and Joo: A Big Nightmare Music (a.k.a. The Best Concert Ever!)
What Happened to the Music Industry?

On Food
Food, and the different emotions it evokes in us
Operation: Eliminating the Unnecessary Sugar
Japanese Food and what it has Taught me
Food Network Show: Chuck’s Day Off

On the Environment                                                         
Plastic is Invading our Lives (and Environment)

On Sports
Old School Gymnastics (Part 2)
Old School Gymnastics
Heart-breaking loss for the Canadian Women’s Soccer Team

On Urban Life
City & Culture

Personal Events
Canadian Chess Challenge- More than just a Tournament
More than a Cruise

News/stuff happening around the world posts:
The London Olympics 2012: Opening Ceremony
Syria at the Olympics

5 Reasons Why You Should Blog!
Tips for Studying Better for an Exam

Other stuff:
A New Project (on Youtube!)
Liebster Blog Award (2)
One Lovely Blog Award!
Beautiful Blogger Award
An Award (Yay!)
Google Doodle!
(Why am I) Obsessed with Big Brother

Just one so far :)
Humbleness, Three Years in the Making


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