The Story

“Some of you guys might be wondering right now, why The Humble Watermelon? Well, my patient grasshopper, let me take you through a journey that will provide you the answer that you have desperately sought…”

“See, it all started with two words…” 

Humbleness: I think it’s the quality that I appreciate the most in a person. Being humble is something that I think everybody can look up to, and something that everybody can try to achieve. It is just such a pure, lovely quality, and I really do respect and appreciate anyone who is, or tries to be, humble.

Watermelon (click here for a post on the fruitful history of the watermelon)A wonderful fruit indeed. Crisp, juicy, sweet… And such delightful colours too! I adore this fruit to pieces. Or should I say, to slices. ;)

“And so, by combining the forces of these two words, the world sees the birth of the blog The Humble Watermelon.”


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